Service Packages

A support solution that forms a backbone of your business processes managing the critical pointers and lets you concentrate on other business solutions.

We provide three solution categories catering to your business needs.


We provide all round solution which consists of the software, hardware components, initial survey and feasibility, solution setup, interactive demo of the system and end user training. In this we accommodate certain client customization requirements that are specific to a business or corporate environment. We also provide technical support and service support after the system is set up according to the client need


We provide API/SDK to the businesses from which the solution can be developed according to the need. The hardware has to be sourced from the client end. Initial support in terms of platform usage and development basics will be provided from our end to initiate your development process


This package includes sourcing of software and hardware components from our end. We provide the necessary components to be set up at client location. However, the physical setup has to be sourced from client end. We ensure technical support from our end through a team of highly qualified and professional experts to aid the proper setup of the system

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