Workspace Optimization

Intuitive space optimization solutions designed to create efficient workspaces.

Hipla’s Wokspace Optimization ensures optimal use of your office premises by automating allocation of workspace and workstations.

Often, a large office space is an overhead which your business can do without. At any given time, only half of your office space is being used by your employees. Either they are unoccupied, or overbooked, depending on usage patterns. Either searching or waiting by employees for free workspace, or work from home keeping offices empty; both sap funds.
Using IoT, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, you can now track these patterns of utilization and generate real time solutions for optimum space utilization.


Let intelligence take control of the wheel.


Highly optimized to make the best out of your resources.


Boost efficiency of your workplace to maximum.


Strong back-end  system to assure foolproof implementation.

How does it benefit you?

Meeting Room Utilization

The Workspace Optimization module ensures full use of the meeting rooms by monitoring their occupancy patterns. Based on activity & requirement, employees can be allocated a meeting room for better collaboration and smooth management.

Workstation Allocation

The system quickly analyses unused space and allocate a desk to an arriving employee. All the connections and files the employee has been working on will be transferred to the computer terminal of that desk.

Heat-map generation

When the employees are working and walking around the floor area, the system locates them based on time and areas they are present in, using our indoor navigation system. Then the system generates a map showing crowded or empty areas based on usage throughout the day or week and guide you in better using your office space.


You can now generate reports which analyse the pattern of space utilization in your office, complete with suggestions for betterment. Reports about cost-saving & space-saving based on real time data generated by employee behavior pattern can be your guiding beacon for smart resource usage.

User Interaction Points

User application - Android and iOS


QR code generation to mark entry and exit


Hot-desking availability enquiry


Workdesk booking prior to arrival


Check allotted desk for automated allotment

Tablet application - Android and iOS


QR scanner to mark entry and exit


Manual hot-desking based on availabilty


Automated hot-desking


Check desk allotment status

Admin web application


Desk allotment status of all employees.


Desk usage statistics generated daily and weekly


Visual heat-map of space utilization


Cost saving analysis and report


Manual allotment override by admin

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