Parking Management

The only parking solution you will ever need.

No more searching for an empty slot in a large parking lot. Hipla brings you Parking Management Solution (PMS), which automates car parking assistance and authentication.

When you book a parking slot, you or your guest receives a QR Code from PMS, which you need to scan on the scanner as you reach the parking lot. The barrier opens for you. An indoor navigation map appears on your smartphone, pinpointing the exact slot which has been reserved for you to park.
Hipla addresses your parking blues once and for all.


A solution designed with innovation & technology.


Hassle-free booking and management of parking spots.


Minimal human involvement leading to less cost to company.


Saving your as well as your guest’s time, enhancing productivity

Think about the scenario we can offer:

Booking a Parking Slot

For an employee or a guest, a parking slot is booked prior to their arrival at the campus. In case they haven’t booked a spot prior to arrival, they will be assigned a parking spot on arrival, depending on availability.

Campus Entry

With the PMS, campus entry is smooth and automated. The main gate entry is done by scanning the QR code sent to their phone in the scanner device. This is very convenient for the employees and guests who will be driving in.

Ease of Parking

Once within the parking lot of the office campus, you or your guest will be directed with detailed navigational support to the parking slot reserved for you. The barrier to the reserved slots are opened by scanning the same QR code. Once you park your car, your host receives an intimation that you have arrived.

Main Door Authentication

As you leave the parking lot, you are directed with indoor navigation cues to the office door. The locked door is opened by either scanning the QR code, by facial recognition or by entering a PIN sent to your phone.

Vacating the Parking Slot

Once you leave the office, and reach your car in the parking lot, the PMS plans ahead. The boom barrier senses your phone, and lifts and let you drive out. When you leave, the specific parking slot becomes available to the next guest or employee to the campus.

Guest Authentication

To ensure security of the office premises, the QR Code based entry and exit acts as a fool-proof authentication mechanism for invited guests. You don’t have to show your ID Proof at any juncture, making human intervention redundant.

User Interaction Points

User application - Android and iOS


Checking parking slot availability


Booking parking slot


QR code generation


Navigating to the parking slot

Tablet application - Android and iOS


Instant parking slot booking


Checking parking slot availability


QR code scanner


User authentication


Barrier control panel

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