Pantry Management

Food ordering sounds fun. Within your workplace, even better.

Hipla offers you Pantry Management (PM), a solution which automates your orders from the office pantry.

This solution is easily accessible through an app on your smartphone. The entire menu of the office pantry is on display in the app. Just click the items you want to order, provide the figure for how many of each item, and your order is set to be delivered in no time.
This automation saves time from distractions like phone calls, waiting for someone to receive the call, mishearing of the order, and thus arranges for more productive time being spent on the actual agenda of the meeting.


Buttery smooth experience for the guest & employees.


Crafted with the best of innovation and technology.


Order refreshment without breaking the quietness of the workplace.


Seamlessly integrated into the user’s mobile application.

Think about the scenario we can offer:

Meeting Room Entry

As the guests reach your meeting room, you greet them and politely enquire what can you get them in beverages? Or our app does it for you.

Placing the Order

As the guests let you know their preferences of beverages, you simply tap your phone app and choose the items and quantity from drop down lists. You don’t have to specify your location. Your location is already known to the pantry room personnel.

Receiving the Order

The order comes as a notification in the phone app of the pantry personnel, as well as in the pantry room tablet. They prepare the beverages as per the order, and note the location from the app where the order has to be delivered.

Estimated time of Delivery

Once they receive the order, the pantry personnel estimate the time it will take for the order to be processed and ready. They respond on the app about the estimated time of delivery.

Item Availability

The PM module is mostly for the use by the pantry personnel. They can always add or remove food items from the list of available items, using the pantry room tablet interface.

Delivering the Order

The pantry personnel arrives at the specified meeting room. The locked door opens for him, as the PM authenticates his identity for serving the order placed through the app.

User Interaction Points

User application - Android and iOS


Item availability enquiry


Placing orders


Automatic location detection


Tracking orders

Tablet application - Android and iOS


View pending and past orders


Respond to orders


Update item availability status

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