Meeting Room Management

Using innovative, intuitive technology to put life back into workspaces.

With technology on the palm of your hand, manage your rooms better.

Managing the meeting room is a major headache. Finding one that is available for your preferred time slot, booking it, vacating it on time, ordering refreshments for the participants, letting the participants know the exact location and time, sharing a meeting agenda, keeping notes and creating minutes of the meeting; each of these various tasks make organizing a meeting a tedious affair.

Leave it to Hipla. How often you wished these tedious tasks could be outsourced? How about a system at your fingertips to automate the process?


Hassle-free user experience with easy to use control panel.


No sudden intervention from unexpected guests during a meeting.


A proper management system leading to better utilization of time.

Cost effective

Less human interaction required, less cost to company.

Think about the scenario we can offer:

Booking a Meeting

Schedule a meeting in easy steps. You can choose the preferred slot by the in-app calendar and pre-defined time slots. Choose the participants from pre-populated drop down menu of employees and guests.

Choosing a Meeting Room

Vacant meeting rooms will be offered as options by the in-phone app. Choose the one that suits you. Job done. Each participant will receive notification of invitation to join the meeting through the app.

Meeting Room Access

Guests and participants can use in-app indoor navigation support to find their way to the pre-booked meeting room, which will only unlock by scanning the QR code sent to the phones of your guest and you. No one else can access it.

Energy Management

The electrical devices of the meeting room get turned on only when the participants arrive, thus saving energy. On vacating the meeting room, the devices are switched off as well. Efficient energy management helps in keeping the bills down, and encourages conservation of energy.

Pantry Management

You can now just tap your phone for ordering refreshments for the participants from the pantry. The pantry personnel receive a notification about the order you placed in their phone app, and deliver the order in the meeting room. All this is done without a phone call.

Janitor Services

Once a meeting finishes, and the participants vacate the room, the cleaning services personnel are notified by the app. Before the next meeting begins, the cleaning of the meeting room is done.

User Interaction Points

User application - Android and iOS


Send and confirm meeting request


Checking availability


QR code generation


ETA and geo-fencing assistance


Control panel for electrical appliances

Tablet application - Android and iOS


QR code scanner


Instant meeting


Roomwise shceduled meeting list


Door control


Control panel for electrical appliances

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