Indoor Navigation

Navigating indoors made easier than ever before.

Hipla takes you to the magic world of navigation within buildings. Since the satellite driven GPS doesn’t work within buildings, Hipla devised an Indoor Navigation System (INS).

Empowered with our INS, you can now view a detailed map of the office building. A navigational arrow will guide you to your destination. Whether it is the cafeteria or the washroom, a meeting room or your colleague’s workstation, the INS will guide you, each step of the way.
Imagine how your guests will be empowered. Once within your office campus, they will not have to ask their way around any more. Based on the INS, they can just follow the directions on their phone and find their way around an unfamiliar office.


A navigation system that is as smooth as you walk.


Seamless integration into user’s mobile application.


No delay navigation system to keep you updated on real time.


Saving time directly results into enhanced productivity.

Think about the scenario we can offer:

Navigational Guidance

A welcome message greets the guest on arrival at your office. The guest is meticulously guided to your location, or to a location such as a meeting room or waiting room, pre-set by you for a meeting.


The phone app shows a detailed map of all public areas of the floor. The map shows washrooms, meeting rooms, restricted zones etc., i.e., everything a guest might need to know about the floor.


A guest or an employee can specify their preferred destination, like a washroom or a meeting room, in the phone app, and the INS algorithm will chart out the shortest possible route on the map to that point, based on real time updates of the user’s location, just like GPS enabled maps, but are powered by INS.

Analysis and Reports

Data is collected and analysed based on employee and guest movements throughout the day. The INS will generate various analysis reports regarding usage of space, which will help you in decision making on workspace optimization.

User Interaction Points

User application - Android and iOS


Indoor positioning system


Offline map showing public places


Wayfinding for shortest possible route


Share your live location among co-workers

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