Energy Management

Energy saving solution, with controls on your fingertips.

Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a large building, and to put it more specifically, within your office.

With our efficient Energy Management System (EMS), you can manually monitor or automate the electrical devices in your office. Saving money on electricity bills adds to a healthy bottom line in business revenue. We offer you an one stop shop for saving bills, conserving energy and thus doing your bit for the planet. It gives you the ability to manage all electrical devices within your office by a smartphone app


A solution, totally customized to your need and infrastructure.


Save cost on your electricity bills & human involvement.


The whole infrastructure on the palm of one hand.

Fully automated

No flipping switches, turning dials or physical push buttons.

Think about the scenario we can offer:

Smart Devices

All electrical devices are either in switched off mode, or on standby mode, when rooms and workstations are vacant. The moment a person comes within range, the devices sense that and switch themselves on. In this way, useless spillage of expensive energy is avoided.

Fingertip Control

The EMS is accessed from an easy to operate smartphone app. You can manage all electrical devices within your room by the in-app controls. You thus control all electrical appliances in your immediate area by simply tapping with your fingertips.

Manual Override

You won’t lose control over the electrical devices in case of an emergency or malfunction. Manual Override had been built into the system, thus traditional switchboard function are enabled for switching the devices off or on.

Real Time Tracking

The Super admin in charge of the office premises and infrastructure can have access to all the appliances and check their on/off status at any time. This makes the job far easier, as it renders manual supervision and intervention redundant. A comprehensive digital solution is offered by EMS which can control all devices from one place.

Analysis and Reports

The EMS collects and analyses data on your usage patterns and trends. It creates reports on a regular basis or on demand. This report break down your diverse data into easy to comprehend graphics, making it easier for you to identify pain areas and address them.

Reduced Electricity Bills

By switching off devices when there is no human activity in an area, EMS makes a considerable difference to our month end electricity bills. With reduced usage, high performance electrical gadgets gain more life, and are less prone to malfunctions due to continuous use.

User Interaction Points

User application - Android and iOS


User identity authentication


Ccontrollable devices list based on location and identity


Control panel for available devices

Tablet application - Android and iOS


Location-wise setup


List of controllable devices based on location


Control panel for available devices

Admin web application


Real-time status tracking of devices


Usage analysis based on a time-span


Report on cost-saving

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