Access Control

Upgrade your door security with modern foolproof technology.

Safety and security at the right hands, technology.

Hipla’s Access Control System ensures security of your office premises by automating guest & employee authentication. It generates a visitor’s pass instantaneously at the reception. Furthermore, the ACS allows entry to the meeting room only for the meeting participants. All these functions are carried out at the back end by the solution, and the users can easily use it through the app interface on their phone.
Choose Hipla as your partner, and you will find a happy guest at your business meeting.


As secure as the old traditional solution, but better.


Modern technology solution giving you the best value for money.


Authenticate at the blink of an eye, or even before that.


Hassle-free and easy to use for everyone in the campus.

How do we ease up things for you?

Campus Entry

As the guests reach your office campus, they are welcomed by a message on their respective phones. The main gate entry is automated by scanning the QR code sent to their phone in the scanner device. This works for both walk in guests as well as for those who will be driving in.

Parking Lot Assistance

The guests are directed with detailed navigational support to the parking slot reserved for them. The boom barrier to the reserved slots are opened by scanning the same QR code.

Main Door Authentication

As the guests leave the parking lot, they are directed with indoor navigation cues to your office door. The locked door is opened by either scanning the QR code, by facial recognition or by entering a PIN sent to her phone.

Visitor’s Pass Generation

At the reception, the guests can generate the visitor’s passes instantaneously by showing their respective QR codes, thus making the queues unnecessary.

Meeting Room Access

Guests can use navigational support to find their way to the pre-booked meeting room, which will only unlock by scanning the QR code sent to the phones of your guest and you. No one else can access it. The lights and air-conditioning will be automatically switched on if there is presence of participants in the room, thus conserving energy.

Employee Authentication

The ACS is in effect a comprehensive authentication system for the employees. They can be issued a QR code for their tenure with the company. This acts as their identity and it defines various levels of access depending on employee role. From marking attendance, logging entry and exit times, accessing server rooms and restricted areas, to unlocking meeting rooms for specific people, the QR code authentication can handle all. It makes smart ID cards redundant.

User Interaction Points

User application - Android and iOS


QR code generation


QR code update


Door control buttons

Tablet application - Android and iOS


QR authenticator for main gate


Info generation upon authentication


QR authenticated barrier control


Self-service visitor's pass generation


QR authenticated door control


Attendance log for employees

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