Indoor Proximity Services Opening up New Dimensions of Marketing and Customer Engagement

Indoor location and proximity technologies are the newest advancements that are rapidly finding its way into enhancement of customer experiences and stabilizing revenues. It includes indoor navigation, asset tracing, analytics and proximity based services which are collectively being used by businesses across the globe for capitalizing these functionalities towards business benefits. Certain segments have utilized these innovative solutions in a sophisticated manner that is reaping in corporate benefits.

Retail segment showcasing proximity marketing at its best

Proximity services have taken a front seat in the retail segment. It is being actively utilized in retail segment for effective and targeted marketing in a significant way to augment customer awareness and attraction along with boosting sales. Proximity advertising utilizes geolocation to prompt content when a customer enters the predefined proximity radius.

Other than marketing, a specific product location, same product available with different sellers’ comparison, new arrivals and other discounts and promotions can be performed with indoor navigation and proximity services.

Analytics is redefined through proximity services. The backend system allows visibility towards count and frequency of visitors within a store, purchase volume and specific product and category most sold. In a more advanced structure, more precise heat maps can be prepared based on movements of customers.

Automated Museum Guide

Proximity services are becoming popular in museums as well. It helps in multilingual audio guides being triggered when a visitor is in the set proximity of a particular artefact. A simple solution that helps in enhancing customer experience without addition of manual assistance.

User tracking through “Blue Dot” experience taken to the next level

User or object tracking through “Blue Dot” experience has enhanced to a whole new level in recent times. The accuracy level has increased many folds through trilateration concept in case of Beacons. However, with UWB infrastructure this is done with much faster installation and has higher accuracy level than Beacons.

Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation is a highlighted concept that is being actively implemented across many segments such as corporate offices, hospitals, airports and such like. Finding way to nearest service desk or a meeting has never been so convenient before. With indoor navigation, customer and visitor assistance and management have become more expedient with higher effectivity and reduced human effort to a great extent.

Proximity services and Indoor Navigation have opened up a wide prospect for development of new services that can benefit many industries and segments which is expected to expand in terms of technological advancement and investments in near future.

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