Indoor Location Services taking to the next level with network centric systems

Indoor location services have created a stir across every industry segment due to its location detection and navigation facilities. This has been going on for some time now, when there has been another technology innovation leap in this arena.  A shift towards network-centric system for enabling indoor location services is the new trend that has turned many eyes. This new technology works on the basis of receiver antennae which is capable of detecting any Bluetooth enabled devices within a specific range. The major leap advantage of this technology is that it is not only capable of detecting Smartphones and other mobile devices, it can also detect Bluetooth tags, watches, Bluetooth-enabled ID or visitor badges and Bluetooth bracelets. Basically any device with a Bluetooth chip is functional under this technology framework. This technology comes with major benefits as mentioned below.

  • The primary stand out feature is that the technology mainframe is in the receiver antennae and centralized software application. This helps in detection of the device location in a much simpler and convenient manner. This opens up prospects for a larger category of devices. Propositions are to further advance the technology in terms of building tags that have other types of embedded sensors. The sensor signals can also be used for more precise location measurements increasing the accuracy of the entire solution.
  • This technology determines location based on direction of signals or their Angle of Arrival (AoA). It aids in determining the exact direction of the device from the receiver antenna arrays. This approach is 20 times more precise and the results are instantaneous.
  • This technology also facilitates channelling the location intelligence back to smartphones and mobile devices. This solution allows the devices to measure “direction of departure,” or DoD, which is the mobile-centric correspondent of network-centric AoA technology. Hence this technology is capable of detecting more devices while maintaining the privacy and security terms.

These developments in technology and advancements have progressed the indoor location services segment to a new pedestrian. It can be expected that this segment will continue to progress at a rapid pace.

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