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Comprehensive education solution that manages student movements along with an effective food ordering and back end analysis system. A highly improvised solution that systematically manages the attendance system of any education institution with a student base ranging from a few hundreds to thousands. It is capable of tracking the details of sessions, student whereabouts, time of attending sessions and even points out if a student sneaks out the class. It is a comprehensive application that is a one stop solution to attendance system for your institution. It not only eases out the process of day to day attendance marking but also shows a comprehensive report of entire attendance scenario in terms of student basis as well as session basis.

Key Features

  • User Friendly attendance registration solution
  • Provision for manual attendance as failsafe solution
  • Comprehensive profile view for students
  • Attendance report in accordance to sessions attended
  • Attendance report from Teacher’s perspective to track student patterns
  • Extensive attendance reports from administration perspective to analyse different scenarios

Use Cases

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