Hipla Office

Hipla Office is an advanced and modern age mobile application for effective automation of various office processes such as management of guest arrivals through entry access and parking management, scheduling and managements of meetings, boardroom automation, employee workspace management, refreshment ordering and much more. An all-round support solution that manages every step of critical office processes making them easier to accomplish.

Key Features

  • User-friendly dashboard to visualize upcoming meetings
  • Option to book meetings across multiple dates and timings
  • User oriented Notifications and Alerts for meetings and timings
  • Auto door access as well as Pin based access as failsafe
  • Biometric access for employees
  • Secure Guest Wi-Fi
  • Complete indoor navigation system
  • Automated Lighting System that can be managed through application in employee kiosks and meeting rooms
  • AC, Window Blinds and Projector screen control through Hipla Office
  • Chat and Commenting facility
  • Back end monitoring of guest comprising of his or her arrival as well as movements (Both Visual and Data)
  • Option for ordering refreshments during meetings or just as it is and Pantry Management
  • Notifications related to meeting closures to housekeeping staff so that the room can be prepped for further engagements

Use Cases

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Synergy Building, 5th Floor Thakdari Road, P.O. Krishnapur, Rajarhat Kolkata 700102. India
Phone: +91 33 64601559 / 27062797
Website: http://gohipla.com
Email: info@gohipla.com

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