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Hospitality industry is currently one of the fastest growing business segments across the globe. In an era where automation is the new definition of every functionality in and across business processes, hotels are no different from rest of the lot. Mobile applications have been creating stir in the global arena across various industry segments in terms of reaching out to large scale audience, building customer base, enhancing customer experience and engagement and driving brand recognition. This in turn has been proven to drive the revenues in long term. Hotel industry has the scope towards utilization of this trend to boost sales and enhance customer experience.


Hotel supervision and customer management forms an integral part of hospitality industry. Hence the system requires a solution that can enhance staff experience and performance along with customer involvement. The mobile application involvement starts right from bookings and encompasses every aspect of hospitality such as food ordering, room service, staff management, housekeeping services and much more.


  • Operational Bottlenecks

Hotel operations involve many sub processes which must be managed on a parallel time line. If not, it jeopardizes the entire functionality of the hotel. Front desk, back office, housekeeping, pantry and customer support segments need to be managed at the needle point precision for optimum outcome.

  • Cost Control

This aspect very critical in hotel management as the slightest miss in business calculation may result in compromising the quality of services. The cost control must be done in an analytical manner. For example, if a guest steps out of the room for 15 minutes, then the AC must not be switched off. Alternatively, when a guest checks into a room, the AC should turn on 5 minutes prior to the entry, in order to provide a comforting experience to the person.

  • Highly Competitive Environment

The competition in hotel industry is tremendous. Hence, a business needs to attract customers at the first instance. When a customer looks for hotel at a particular destination online, he is served with many options and in most cases in current times, online bookings are performed. If a hotel fails to impress or falls short is providing multiple booking platforms, there are chances of losing out on a significant customer base.

  • Augmented Guest Expectation

Criteria for customer experience has evolved over the years. Expectations have increased drastically in terms of facilities such as high speed Wi-Fi, erudite in-room entertainment structure, seamless check-in and check-out processes and much more. Meeting such demands and keeping up the standards at the same time possess to be a serious task for the hoteliers.

HIPLA Smart Hotel Solution

HIPLA Smart Hotel solution is a complete business solution that undertakes the hotel industry functionality from the staff and business point of view as well as the customer experience. It is a location based application teamed up with beacon technology that helps in driving the customer engagement in a positive manner. It can be implicated as an enhanced business development tool that looks in to employee performance along with stabilizing revenue generation.


Customer Centric

  • HIPLA Smart Hotel is a sophisticated booking application that lets the guests book rooms and services in advance along with option for various online payment mediums for customer convenience. There is even provision for remote check-in and check-out facility from any location.
  • The guests can view the details of their stay such as the room number, room type, booking dates and timings and much more. In case, the guest has opted for extended stay, the relevant information is also displayed accordingly.
  • There is provision for upgrade within the solution. The guests can opt for room and service upgradation through the solution. The payments can be made accordingly through the application accordingly.
  • Guest tracking system within the hotel premises in order to ensure safety and security. Emergency services can be deployed when in need.
  • The food ordering made simple yet sophisticated with our solution. The guests can order food and beverages from the comfort of their rooms at the touch of the button. The room services deliver the food to the room accordingly on time.
  • It provides necessary access and information about certain public facilities of the hotels such as pool, bars, picnic spots, beaches or balcony as per requirements.
  • Notifications and alerts related to reservations of rooms, check-in and check-out and such like.
  • Loyalty and benefit programs are accessible through the application for regular customers and even first time visitors.

Employee Centric

  • Active tracking on employee movement so that their performance can be managed accordingly.
  • Facilities and services can be assigned to the staff for effective service management.
  • The housekeeping staff can be notified when a room is vacant for the clean-up and other necessary processes.


  • The application has a highly erudite back end analysis system that helps in understanding the footfall in the hotel, amount of pre bookings and on the spot bookings, services most accessed by the visitors and much more.
  • It can also track the staff performance by the time taken for service providing, promptness towards helping guests, managing emergency scenarios, monitoring and such like.


HIPLA Smart Hotel solution is a proven measure that enhances the functionality of a hotel. It reduces the effort of employees and employee management and concentrates towards improving customer experience and engagement. It helps in striking the right balance between premium guest experience and monetization of the guest visit.

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