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Healthcare industry is progressing at a rapid pace with all new technologies that are facilitating new treatment processes and inventions that is in turn influencing new medicines and diagnostic approaches. Hospitals are the primary elements of the healthcare segment. Hence management of these organizations have taken a centre stage in recent times. Not only does the healthcare organizations need to implement new medical technologies and processes in their internal functioning, they need to manage the entire hospital ecosystem in a systematic manner as well. It forms a very crucial part of treatment process and patient management in order to provide best in class services with precision and convenience as the critical decision of a patients’ well-being depends on this ecosystem. It has a direct impact on brand recognition and revenue generation in the near end and long term.


Currently, Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is one of the primary assessment surveys that represent the standings of hospitals and healthcare service providers in terms of service quality and facilities. It has been observed that this survey inevitably impacts the revenue of these organizations. According to published sources, the healthcare service providers and hospitals with higher rankings as per this assessment, registered a net margin above 4.5% in comparison to others with lower ratings. Even the scores of this assessment influences 2% of a hospital’s Medicare payments. Hence it is essential to understand the parameters of this survey test in order to maintain steady flow of revenue and increase customer and brand awareness. The survey looks in to the major bottlenecks of the hospital service and management system with the business and functionality point of view.

Bottlenecks of Hospital Functioning and Management

  • One of the primary glitches that happens is in terms of wait time for the patients. Patients or people associated with them have to wait in long queues at different service desks in order to complete necessary formalities for the treatment to start. Often the manpower at hospitals are not utilized properly or the system is understaffed.
  • Finding an appropriate service desk is also a tedious task. Often patients wander around looking for a particular service point and waste valuable time which might become critical. In some case, even the hospital staff is to unable to help them in due time.
  • There is constraint in understanding actual health problems faced by the patient which is due to lack of communication flow within the system.
  • Often patients are asked for next time visits of check-up purposes. It has been observed that many are confused regarding what to expect during such visits or whether they need to undertake certain medical steps before and after these visits.
  • The hospital management system is often a great let down. Inadequate and under-trained staff, irregular inventory calculations, missing assets and resources are some of the soaring issues within this system.
  • Poor performance matrix of the hospital staff often impacts the patient’s outlook towards the services and service providers or the hospital as a whole.
  • Cleanliness is one of the important and most probably is a serious concerning issue in healthcare segment. It determines the health and wellbeing of the patient. It is where many service providers and hospitals lose out on customer base and revenue.
  • Lastly, safety and security of the patient has to be undertaken with utmost care and concern. Most patients remain vulnerable during or after the treatment process. Hence expectation of the physical security and monitoring is highly demanded.

HIPLA Smart Hospital Overview

Our solution HIPLA Smart Hospital is a perfect all-inclusive and sophisticated solution that caters to the above bottlenecks in a most effective and industry efficient manner. It has been designed to address the parameters highlighted in the HCAHPS assessment surveys. A high end technology solution that caters to modern day hospital functioning and management system with comprehensive support and aid.

Solution Features

  • Our solution optimizes the patient flow through the digitalization of the check-in process. It also tracks the movements and highlights the concern areas. It works through automation of the processes at every level.
  • If the solution provider or a hospital is a large organization, then it ensures navigation support to patients and their families, so that they can approach the exact service desks with precision and minimize the time towards finding them.
  • Our solution incorporates the wearable technology for best in class patient tracking and monitoring system. The wearable device is provided the patients admitted within the hospital. It aids in tracking the patients in terms of movement, emergency help services in case a patient urgently needs medical support due to a sudden accident or restrict movement in case a patient unwanted tries to go out of his cabin or the hospital overall.
  • It provides a real time feedback loop for the patients wherein they can feed their inputs in terms of response as to what they are experiencing. This helps in initial diagnosis of the type of support and medical attention they need in the primary phase to serve them better. It also influences managing the inventory and assets in a comprehensive manner.
  • In order to prevent confusion during post visits check-up or to wrap up the treatment process in the first attempt to ensure complete care, the information system needs to be accurate and up to date. Digital information backup and convenient sharing of patient information is facilitated by our solution.
  • Our solution provides a detailed information structure on staff functionality based on proximity, current and historic data for performance evaluation, overall assets and inventory records, time spent with the patients and much more which enhances patient experience as a whole.
  • It helps in tracking the performance of the staff and build towards their engagement through an open and convenient feedback system that enhances their performance.
  • As addressed earlier, cleanliness is a critical aspect of hospital management. Our solution sends out notification to the support staff, when patient rooms become vacant. It helps in prepping up of those rooms for the next treatment process. It also has a feature that allows visual log of the cleanliness that can be verified and marked accordingly.
  • Lastly, the admin section of our solution helps in effective monitoring of the hospital area. It aids in recognizing any critical scenario or suspicious activities through visual logs. Accordingly, the security personnel can be informed for extending their support. This holds true in case of a medical emergency as well.

Solution Architecture Diversity

HIPLA Smart Hospital application can be provided in two different architectures. Firstly, app based and second one is Physical Web. App based solution, as the name suggests, requires the usage of the smartphone application that has a user friendly dashboard, sends out notifications and provides necessary support to the patients and the hospital staff in terms of information, records, inventory and navigation. This type of architecture is suitable for RTLS and Employee Tracking, Indoor navigation, Real-time Data, Access Control and Compliance Tracking. Physical Web based solution is interactive in nature which is not an automatic pop solution. It has the flexibility of the user’s choice to access the system. This architecture is suitable for Simplifying Check-in, Location Discovery, Educating Patients, Requesting Feedback and Post-Visit Information.


Modern industry segments are competing against high end technology and superior services in order to raise band recognition, strengthen customer base, build access to new markets and boost sales to stabilize revenue generation in a highly competitive environment. Healthcare segment is no different. Atomization of functionality and service providing addresses all the above aspects in a systematic manner. Our solution HIPLA Smart Hospital is one of the finest solution that can manage and monitor the hospitals and healthcare service provider systems professionally and competently.

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