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In a retail shop or convenient store, the primary challenges that needs to be addressed are attracting the customers and organizing the various processes within the store for a smooth and swift checkout process to keep customer satisfaction quotient on the high note


  • In most cases, getting the word out is the first most challenging task of the process. To make the customer aware of the promotions, discounts, new product arrivals and other exciting plans is critical
  • In certain cases, the merchant might think of sending out emails. But reality is most such emails end in trash bin or spam which are then deleted, even without opening them
  • When a customer enters a store, it becomes a tedious task to find a particular merchandise in a particular variant. Sometimes, even asking the store assistant does not help the situation. Hence some customers leave the store at this point.
  • Even then, if some of them choose to stay, they painfully look for the commodity, locate it and take it in a cart. However, they are greeted with a long and slow moving queue which takes quite a bit of time. In this stage, either a customer leaves without the purchase or waits and purchases product, but becomes reluctant to visit again

Across all these stages, the store loses valuable customers, which effects the brand as well as the revenue.


Across all the above challenges, our solution Hipla Retail can manage the scenario in a more effective and able manner.

  • Our Application Hipla Retail is a sophisticated solution that sends push notifications regarding promotion, deals and new stocks whenever a customer is in close proximity of the store. Thus it an active solution that gets the word out as well as sparks customer interest
  • Then when a customer looks for a particular product, it shows the exact location of the product as well as availability of any specific variant of the product
  • It allows the customer to add it to the cart and shows the price through barcode scan which is added to the digital cart as well
  • The customer can then choose to pay online through credit or debit card, net banking or mobile wallet
  • They can use the Quick Checkout kiosk for collecting hard copy of the bill or make payment in cash
  • The soft copy of the bill is present in the application that can be used at security checkout for verification

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