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Corporate Office management is one of the critical aspects of business management. Supervision of the office premises in terms of visitor management, parking management, pantry selection and delivery and employee management are some of the integral parts office management. The challenges associated with this scenario are as follows:


  • Fixing a meeting over phone and email is always cumbersome. It is often seen that people tend to forget replaying to emails or phone calls.
  • Visitor management is one of the most critical aspects of office management. The primary hurdles in this regard are access at entry points and locating a specific department within office premises.
  • Managing the boardroom wherein a meeting is to take place is another critical task. This involves turning on the electrical equipment as per requirement and switching them off after a meeting is over.
  • Ordering and delivery of refreshments to meeting rooms or office desks manually is tedious and often results in unwanted delay.
  • Parking for guests becomes hectic as entry into the parking area and finding a spot is frantic as the visitor needs to give the entire details of the visit and the officials need to verify it with the particular company for entry access.
  • Lastly, monitoring the entire process of meetings is difficult from manual point of view.


Our Hipla Office solution marks a stable all-round solution for office process management along with boardroom automation.

  • Hipla Office mobile application is premium meeting fixing solution which facilitates booking a specific time slot at particular dates for meeting with a specific person. Notifications are sent regarding the meeting schedules as well as alerts for moving out of a specific location within required time to reach the meeting location on time.
  • Visitor Management is performed in a flawless manner with this application. The application provides automatic access at company entry gates. The application provides pin based access as well for failsafe scenario.
  • Indoor navigation system is present that shows current location of the user and distance between the user and the desired meeting room or department.
  • Boardroom automation facilitates automated switching on/off of electrical equipment such as lights, window blinds, air conditioner, projector and projector screen. Even the colour of the light can be changed and brightness can be controlled.
  • There is option for ordering refreshments during meetings or just as it is facilitating Pantry Management effectively.
  • The application sends out notifications related to meeting closures to housekeeping staff so that the room can be prepped for further engagements.
  • There is option for chatting and commenting to share important insight between two users.
  • Parking management is done effectively with the help of Hipla Office. The parking entry is automated ad the user reached the access gate and available parking slots are displayed. After the meeting is over, when the visitor drives out of the parking lot, auto update of the information is done by the app.
  • Last but not the least, there is a back end monitoring system that records information of guest comprising of his or her arrival as well as movements (Both Visual and Data).

Smart Campus

We are living in an era where technology is evolving at a rapid pace. There are many companies, blue chip as well as start-ups who are making significant investments as well as working along the lines for cutting edge technology advancements. Usually companies segregated within a specific area is known as a campus. Now days, IT firms within such a specific zone is known as Smart Campus. Management and monitoring of such a campus is a challenging task which requires meticulous effort and precision. The challenges are as follows.


  • First and foremost, locating a specific building within the campus or an office within the building is a critical pointer within an IT campus
  • It is often seen that people are not duly informed about available transportation facilities within the campus and outside
  • Parking area management is another critical aspect that requires scrutiny so as to avoid unwanted rush and confusion regarding the availability of parking spot, nearest parking area and specific available parking spots
  • Gaining access across required entry gates and conference rooms while a user enters the building or the company gates is critical
  • Emergency and security services are very important services which needs to be managed and should have the provision to be accessed at an urgent and immediate basis.

Smart Campus is the next generation state of the art mobile application that overcomes the challenges of modern day IT campus monitoring and management. Built on an advanced technology platform, it meritoriously addresses critical bottlenecks related to visitor management, parking and access controls.


  • Smart Campus is a superior service that handles indoor navigation in the most competent manner. It shows the building as well as the office premises that the user wants to visit through a detailed navigation system
  • The solution is capable of effective location tracking and visual of campus shuttle buses to the users for clarity
  • Smart parking management that effectively shows available parking slots nearer to the location and the nearest parking area to avoid any confusion. It also displays filled capacity of parking area in question through effective notification system
  • The solution can be integrated with other transport options such as internal bus/vans as well as other public transport systems
  • Intelligent visitor flow management – synchronizing visitors’ credentials and building to be visited to as to ensure smooth access
  • The user can visualize the current location and distance to the point of interest
  • Restaurant & dining options are visible to the user along with Special vouchers and promotional offer from merchants. From the merchant point of view, exclusive Loyalty Programs for merchants will be displayed
  • The user will have the option for providing feedback in a smart and effective manner
  • Information about weather, any ongoing maintenance work or any other notification will be displayed to the user to avoid any unwanted incidents, accidents or delay
  • A push button for calling emergency and security services helpline so that the services reach the required person on time for necessary “after situation” activities and measures

Smart Amusement Park

Amusement Parks have gained popularity in past couple of years as a prevalent entertainment location for youths and families. It is currently one of the major revenue generating segments across the globe. However, it is important to understand that customer experience and engagement in this segment plays a crucial role in generating stable revenues. Just good rides and eating joints no more cut the bait for attracting larger customer base. The brand needs to go an extra mile for the same. There are certain more day challenges associated to this scenario.


  • Long Queues have been known to decline customer interests drastically since ages. This is true in case of amusement parks as well. Standing in queues for entry bookings, rides and other attractions is tedious, time consuming and hectic
  • Sending out the information about rides and special offers is a critical task. Often the word does not reach the customer, they lose out on special discounts and offers which can contribute significantly towards customer engagement and attraction
  • Monitoring the entire zone is another tedious undertaking. Looking out for any unwanted access to prohibited zones or reaching out to a specific location in time of emergency across security or accident scenarios is crucial for effective management
  • Lastly backend analytics is crucial for business improvement and managing the critical aspects for increasing customer base as well as stabilizing revenues in longer terms

Hipla Amusement Park is a comprehensive solution that can be utilized for overall amusement park management, monitoring as well as effective customer management across different channels. Hence our solution has multi-faceted utilities in terms of features and benefits which is not only effective towards business management but also ensures stronger customer base and revenue generation in long term.


  • Our solution has in-built superior indoor navigation system that helps in displaying routes to rides along with locating booking counters and other useful amenity centres
  • This solution is capable of facilitating in-app package booking, ticketless entry and required information about rides
  • There is a sophisticated notification system that pushes out promotion and discount information to targeted customers. It also shows approximate wait times for rides or any new ride that has just commenced
  • The users can also call out for help in case of an emergency in terms of accidents or security breaches
  • This application also ensures child tracking in case of emergency missing cases
  • It provides backend analytics system that recognizes footfalls, attractions most visited by customers, time spent on rides and much more that can augment business processes and revenues
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