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Smart Airport using beacons

Airports are now one of the most popular getaway travel outlets. As air fares are becoming affordable and tourist destinations increasing rapidly, visitor management and airport monitoring and control is becoming crucial for authorities. Some of the critical aspects of visitor management within the airport include guiding the travellers to the correct service desks for assistance in terms of boarding passes, luggage check-in, security check-in, emergency helpline and much more. Some of the challenges associated with airport management are as follows:


  • Visitor assistance is one of the primary critical issues within airport. Right from welcoming the passenger to directing him or her to precise service desks for enquiry and check-in requires effort and manpower
  • Reaching out to the passengers at the time of security check-in as well as boarding to undergo the process in time and with accuracy is acute
  • From passengers’ point of view, finding proper service desks as well as reaching out to them with minimum effort in terms of direction is tedious
  • Moreover, providing information about the food joints and merchant outlets within airport to the passengers is crucial
  • Overall security and monitoring of the entire airport arena


Our solution HIPLA Airport, is a complete and hi-end technology driven application that caters to the airport management and customer satisfaction to an optimum level. A comprehensive solution that can aid in supervision of entire indoor airport processes in the most effective manner. A smartphone application that provides services at the touch of a button and manages backend monitoring in an operative way.

  • The application sends out a welcome notification as the passenger enters the airport
  • It notifies the passengers to head towards a specific service desk for boarding passes, security and baggage check-in, boarding aisle and much more
  • The application has the feature to call for a cart in case the passenger is a bit far away from the boarding location
  • A detailed navigation system in case of guiding the passenger to the desired location within airport
  • The passengers can view the available merchant joints and restaurants available within the airport
  • Notifications are provided in case of new arrivals, discounts and promotions in these retails and food joints
  • Weather notifications will also be sent to the passenger in case of any alert scenario or in general
  • Airport authorities can monitor the routes and location and sound the alert system accordingly in case of any emergency

Real Estate Industry venturing into beacon technology based property projections

Real Estate industry is one of rapidly evolving industries in the global arena that has registered some of the significant trends which has been influential towards altering the economic growth worldwide. One such trend that has been significantly topping the charts is the technology driven business strategies which has been implemented towards marketing initiatives. This has been prominent towards driving customer attraction and engagement in order to increase sales revenue and building up stable customer base.

The time has moved towards the fast paced internet accessibility and smartphones. This has influenced the real estate segment as well. People now have a tendency of checking for properties on rent or for sale through smartphones on the go. Beacon technology is useful across various phases of proximity marketing right from initiation to analytics.

Customer Attraction

  • When a prospective client is in the vicinity of the sellable or rental property, beacon based notification are triggered to the Bluetooth equipped smartphones. These triggered notifications have been observed to generate better interests that to be planned meeting for a property visit. It has spontaneous and more effective response rate from customers.
  • Bill boards are one such approach which is undertaken by realtors even today as a part of visual advertisement of properties. However, beacon technology takes it to next level. When a customer passes by a bill board laden with beacon, he or she receives a notification regarding the property ad on the bill board. Hence it increases the visibility chances of the ad.
  • When beacons are placed within a realtor’s office, it helps a potential client walking in through the doors to get relevant information even without human assistance.
  • Beacon technology can be very effective in open house events. These events prove to be helpful in generating potential leads. Beacons aid increasing the footfall into such events.
  • In a trade fair, beacons at a particular kiosk help in attracting potential clients through push notifications about a particular property.

Customer Engagement

  • Beacon facilitate a complete tour of the grounds. If a property is for sale, a well-structured beacon coverage helps in providing useful and attractive information about the property increasing customer interests. It is a sophisticated initiative with minimal human assistance and facilitates open tour.
  • “Click to Call” facility is supported if a beacon is placed just above or near to the exit of the property. It helps in tapping into instant opportunities as some buyers are keen on making a purchase or gathering pricing information as they tour the property.
  • Push notifications often provide certain eye catching features for buyers who are looking out for an indoor pool, or Jacuzzi in bathrooms or information about a golf course nearby for example.


Analytics forms an integral part of any business. It not only helps in understanding the sales performance but also aid in reforming certain approaches for better outputs.

  • Heat map representation facilitated by beacon technology supports intelligent detection when buyers are not noticing certain features of a property. It helps in tour and push notification optimization.
  • Foot fall matrix can be detected and analysed for a property which aids in detection of demand forecasts and influences location marketing, scheduling and queues.

Kids Tracking

Child security has been a profound issue which has been sparking various concerns across modern world in recent times. Vulnerability of the kids have increased many folds. After home, school premise is the zone where children spent most of their time. Therefore, there is a requirement for a solution which can monitor kids’ whereabouts during their travel to school and back as well as within school premises. The kid tracking system needs to be accessible to parents and teachers at the same time to ensure complete security and safety.


  • Kids need to be guaranteed safe within bus transportation services on their way to school as well as school premises. This is one of the primary aspects that needs to be addressed on a primary level to ensure safety and security of the kids.
  • Keeping a detailed log of the buses availed by a kid and arrival timings along with other information details related to the person who picks and drops the kids is essential. Tracking the bus in terms of its location, arrival and departure is crucial.
  • There is dire need for configuration of an automatic attendance system that detects child presence within a classroom thus eliminating manual attendance system.
  • Detection and Surveillance of student entry into any unauthorized sections and subsequent alarm triggers is crucial to prevent any unwanted accidents or mishaps
  • Alert system for any student sneaking out of school premises during session hours or missing out on school altogether


  • Our solution provides a complete tracking and surveillance system for kids while they travel in bus to school and within school premises ensuring round the clock safety and security
  • Parents can track the location of the bus, its approximate arrival time and other information related to the transportation services
  • Once the kid gets on the bus, there is visual log of the boarding as well as the person who has picked up the kid and dropped him off at school
  • There is a notification system that alerts parents and teachers that the kid has entered the school premises in due time
  • There is a digital attendance system that detects the kid presence within classroom as per his designated curriculum and marks his attendance. The solution also alerts the teachers and parents if a kid is not present in his class or tries to sneak out of the classroom in the middle of the session

The parents and teachers also get alerts if a kid goes into the restricted zone or tries to sneak out of the school premise altogether. In case, a kid is entering restricted zone within school compound, then the administration will be able to take a note of the situation through a visual alert from the CCTV footage through our application

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