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Child security has been a profound issue which has been sparking various concerns across modern world in recent times. Vulnerability of the kids have increased many folds. After home, school premise is the zone where children spent most of their time. Therefore, there is a requirement for a solution which can monitor kids’ whereabouts during their travel to school and back as well as within school premises. The kid tracking system needs to be accessible to parents and teachers at the same time to ensure complete security and safety.


  • Kids need to be guaranteed safe within bus transportation services on their way to school as well as school premises. This is one of the primary aspects that needs to be addressed on a primary level to ensure safety and security of the kids.
  • Keeping a detailed log of the buses availed by a kid and arrival timings along with other information details related to the person who picks and drops the kids is essential. Tracking the bus in terms of its location, arrival and departure is crucial.
  • There is dire need for configuration of an automatic attendance system that detects child presence within a classroom thus eliminating manual attendance system.
  • Detection and Surveillance of student entry into any unauthorized sections and subsequent alarm triggers is crucial to prevent any unwanted accidents or mishaps
  • Alert system for any student sneaking out of school premises during session hours or missing out on school altogether


  • Our solution provides a complete tracking and surveillance system for kids while they travel in bus to school and within school premises ensuring round the clock safety and security
  • Parents can track the location of the bus, its approximate arrival time and other information related to the transportation services
  • Once the kid gets on the bus, there is visual log of the boarding as well as the person who has picked up the kid and dropped him off at school
  • There is a notification system that alerts parents and teachers that the kid has entered the school premises in due time
  • There is a digital attendance system that detects the kid presence within classroom as per his designated curriculum and marks his attendance. The solution also alerts the teachers and parents if a kid is not present in his class or tries to sneak out of the classroom in the middle of the session

The parents and teachers also get alerts if a kid goes into the restricted zone or tries to sneak out of the school premise altogether. In case, a kid is entering restricted zone within school compound, then the administration will be able to take a note of the situation through a visual alert from the CCTV footage through our application

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