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Amusement Parks have gained popularity in past couple of years as a prevalent entertainment location for youths and families. It is currently one of the major revenue generating segments across the globe. However, it is important to understand that customer experience and engagement in this segment plays a crucial role in generating stable revenues. Just good rides and eating joints no more cut the bait for attracting larger customer base. The brand needs to go an extra mile for the same. There are certain more day challenges associated to this scenario.


  • Long Queues have been known to decline customer interests drastically since ages. This is true in case of amusement parks as well. Standing in queues for entry bookings, rides and other attractions is tedious, time consuming and hectic
  • Sending out the information about rides and special offers is a critical task. Often the word does not reach the customer, they lose out on special discounts and offers which can contribute significantly towards customer engagement and attraction
  • Monitoring the entire zone is another tedious undertaking. Looking out for any unwanted access to prohibited zones or reaching out to a specific location in time of emergency across security or accident scenarios is crucial for effective management
  • Lastly backend analytics is crucial for business improvement and managing the critical aspects for increasing customer base as well as stabilizing revenues in longer terms

Hipla Amusement Park is a comprehensive solution that can be utilized for overall amusement park management, monitoring as well as effective customer management across different channels. Hence our solution has multi-faceted utilities in terms of features and benefits which is not only effective towards business management but also ensures stronger customer base and revenue generation in long term.


  • Our solution has in-built superior indoor navigation system that helps in displaying routes to rides along with locating booking counters and other useful amenity centres
  • This solution is capable of facilitating in-app package booking, ticketless entry and required information about rides
  • There is a sophisticated notification system that pushes out promotion and discount information to targeted customers. It also shows approximate wait times for rides or any new ride that has just commenced
  • The users can also call out for help in case of an emergency in terms of accidents or security breaches
  • This application also ensures child tracking in case of emergency missing cases
  • It provides backend analytics system that recognizes footfalls, attractions most visited by customers, time spent on rides and much more that can augment business processes and revenues

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