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Crowd Management at Religious places

Advancement of technology has touched every aspect of human life. Technical innovation has extensively influenced the lifestyle across different strata of human life. Mobile applications and proximity solutions are a new approach that has been utilized by many companies across industries to simplify human life. However, one aspect has yet not received necessary limelight. Utilization of mobile applications combined with proximity services for crowd management at religious places is a peripheral that has not been discussed in detail. We have performed an elaborate research on the subject and identified the challenges associated with the scenario.


  • Crowd Management is one of the primary aspects which poses to be a critical challenge for any religious location. Depending the area and popularity of the location, thousands of devotees’ flock the place accordingly. Other factors influencing the count of devotees are any particular religious occasion and any particular time of the year when a certain natural phenomenon occurs which influences the religious activity.
  • Another scenario which is essential to address is appropriate support in terms of service desks. Be it temples or mosques or any other religious location, devotees often find it very difficult to locate a particular service spot in terms of buying prayer materials, offering certain religious items and such like.
  • Finding way to the particular spots within the religious location or to the actual prayer site is also tedious and cumbersome. Often people take the manual assistance of shopkeepers or other devotees nearby to reach a particular spot. This creates unwanted confusion and delay. Devotees also may end up at inappropriate locations which cause problems.
  • Emergency services become very essential when huge number of people visit a particular place. Religious locations are no different. Monitoring of crowd and deployment of emergency services at accurate time and precise location from the administration end becomes highly crucial.There is a dire need for people centric SOS system as well, wherein devotees can call for help in the quick and convenient manner.
  • A highly advanced monitoring system is very essential at such places. Video feed and time to time data log is very essential towards keeping a close eye on situational aspects. This helps in managing the crowd in a much systematic manner.


Through our technology platform HIPLA, we have come up with a comprehensive solution that can address and manage all the above challenges in the most convenient and systematic manner. HIPLA Crowd Management is the effective answer to all the above constraints.

  • Our solution provides best in class crowd management system through a high end navigation system. It helps the devotees to find spots within the religious location in terms of main temple or worship area, stalls that provide prayer items, services desks, information centres and help desks. This will help in channelling the crowd in the right direction, reducing unwanted delays and rush during mass gatherings.
  • Reaching out and deployment of emergency services is one of the prime features of our solution. The devotees can reach out for help and assistance services with ease and effectivity. Similarly, the administration department will also be able to deploy such services at the time of need with the support of an extensive monitoring system.
  • Our solution is supported by a comprehensive monitoring system that manages the safety of the location as well as the devotees. It also supports extensive security management.
  • A highly advanced backend analytics system that is based on data logs and video analytics. It helps in understanding the footfall in the location, any time based mass gatherings and such like. It helps in understanding and managing the support services accordingly.

Beacon Technology Garnering Fan Experience to a Whole New Level at Stadiums

Beacon Technology has been pioneering across many industries and domains and entertainment segment is currently embracing this new technology innovation. The stadiums are the new arena wherein this technology is setting foot into in a big way, opening up prospects that are pioneering and efficient at the same time. There are certain press points in crowd management within the stadium. However, one of the critical scenario is seat finding for the visitors in an overcrowded stadium. Beacon technology coming to the rescue can be very helpful in this regard and provide accurate assistance to visitors without additional manpower. Another challenge the stadium authorities face is filling up high priced better seats which remain unoccupied. Initially due to high charges, most people tend to neglect such seats while booking. But when the seats start filling up and some of such seats go unoccupied. The authorities can provide special discounts at the end time to sell out those seats to earn revenues. It helps in effective breakeven, in terms of sales.

Apart from these two major opportunities, the beacon technology also provides other advantages of that can be utilized at stadiums.

Channelling the information regarding most crowded locations and gates to the visitors can help in managing the visitor flow in a better way. It also provides convenience for the visitors ensuring easy entrance into the venue within limited time frame reducing unwanted hassle. The stadium authorities can also source out promotions and discount offers on various services available in the venue. It also helps in identifying the regular visitors and offer special discounts which aid in better management of existing customer base.

Lastly, retailing merchandise, specific to the event can be performed with ease and effectivity through beacon technology. It helps in reaching out to the visitors in a better way and through online payment facilities, the entire process becomes comprehensive and quick.

Beacon technology is a versatile innovation that can be customized to fit the need of every industry segment. Entertainment is not exception in this regard. Hence, in coming years it can be expected that this technology will be extensively used at stadiums.

Restaurant Business to Flourish by Beacon Technology

Customer interaction with restaurants has been highly influenced with technology in recent times. There have been multi-faceted developments in this segment that is enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales for the restaurants. There are certain verticals in which the beacon technology can be extensively used for business growth and meeting goals in the long run.

  • Proximity marketing is one of the primary benefits of beacon technology. It can work wonders in the restaurant business. It can be utilized to send the word out in terms of deals, promotions, specials of the day, discount plans, early bird specials and much more. When a group of people walk by the restaurant, they can be alerted about such information which can be effective towards bringing in more customers.
  • Maintaining the existing customer base is as important as attracting the new customer base. Loyal customers can be rewarded through this solution along with providing tailored menus to them. This helps the business go an extra mile towards customer retention and long term stable revenue generation.
  • One thing that greatly impacts customer mood is the long waiting time. Through this technology it is possible to transfer real time information regarding the footfall of a restaurant at particular time slots. This helps them to plan the eat out accordingly. It can also be taken to another level by providing information regarding the busy hours of the restaurant as well. It helps in connecting with the customers in a better way.
  • This technology can help in introducing dynamic pricing structure for loyal customers as well as for new visitors. This type of pricing structure helps in winning over customers in a most effective and convenient manner. It can also be used for ordering ahead so that the food in prepared in time when the customers arrive.
  • Useful analytics can be derived from this technology. In terms of footfall in the restaurant and busy hours, the staff can be engaged accordingly. Through this practice the operational benefits can be enhanced to a great extent. It helps in managing the drive through orders as well as dine in orders as per requirement.
  • Final benefit which helps in gaining customer satisfaction is by providing mobile payment options. Online payments have added to the convenience across various segments. This can also be incorporated into restaurant business as well. The convenience of payments helps the customer to leave on a positive note and opens doors for a revisit.

Customer experience is a critical aspect of business profits and businesses are going an extra mile for stabilizing revenues. Beacon technology is a new age tool that can be utilized towards this strategy.

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