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Launch of HIPLA and its flagship product HIPLA School at Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

Future Netwings Solutions is proud to announce the ceremonial introduction of its technology platform HIPLA and its signature product HIPLA School at Oberoi Grand, Kolkata on 27th March 2018. HIPLA technology platform is essentially an IoT platform that encompasses various modern age functionalities which contribute significantly towards automation of various business processes across wide ranging corporate and industrial segments. Some of the noteworthy functionalities of HIPLA include Auto-Attendance, Student Tracking, 360° Office Management, Visitor Management, Indoor Navigation and much more. Currently HIPLA based customizable solutions are capable of catering to education, business, finance, retail and other industry segments.

The event witnessed the presence of various principals from renowned schools, management personalities from education segment, child right activists, prominent media houses and other significant personalities of various industry segments. The event initiated with formal introduction of HIPLA and elaboration of its functionalities along with HIPLA School followed with an open house discussion regarding child safety and security. The event also featured a live demonstration of HIPLA School wherein the live tracking of the students through BLE cards and alert triggering was witnessed by the guests.

Child safety and security has been a pressing issue in recent times and ensuring it within school premises and while travelling to school is a very critical scenario. HIPLA School addresses this condition in the most sophisticated and convenient manner to ensure all round safety of the child. We are incredibly delighted at the mention and response we received through this event.

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Jagran Josh

Future Netwings in the news, Director Jaideep Chakrabarti speaks for Child Safety and Security

Child Abuse has taken a serious turn in recent times with number of incidents hitting the media frequently. It is a grave matter which is alarming and thoughtful at the same time. Child safety and security is concerning parents and guardians across every stratum. Kids spend most of their time at school after home. And that is the place that requires special concern and intricate discussion.


Technology has introduced many solutions that has eased personal and professional aspects of human lives. It has garnered interest in the business segments as well. Tracking solutions are reaching out to new heights due to technology innovation. This is especially useful for child safety and security. Future Netwings has been working along this front through its technology platform HIPLA. As quoted by Jaideep Chakrabarti, the Director of Future Netwings, kid’s tracking solutions based on BLE cards and beacons can be effective towards ensuring child safety through all round monitoring and tracking. Even video analytics can be used in this front to augment the solution efficiency to a great extent.

Current times have shown that children need to be secured even when they are at schools. Effective monitoring and security check-in is necessary in this regard. Technology based approach through beacons and BLE cards are a positive initiation towards that objective.

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